Looking Ahead Toward 2015

As I sit here watching Sunday Night Football on week 12 of the NFL, I realize that although I’ve been very good at staying active on FaceBook, I’ve completely once again slipped on keeping the MGF website current and relative for those who happen to find their way here. I’ve definitely got some work to do in the upcoming year to do a better job of keeping this site relevant.  Having said that there is still be plenty of current information shared through our social media outlet and I hope you’ve been able to get some good information there.


First things first, I’ve decided to cut out the Forum area of the website.  While there’s been a core group of faithful contributors through out the years, social media is the new format for such information, and I’ve got my FaceBook page open and available for those wanting to contribute, post or share their thoughts and opinions.  Please though as we share our thoughts in this format, lets be aware that while we want to hear from you and share in your successful outdoor stories, lets work to avoid drama that sometimes arises from those wanting to be antagonistic toward others. 


The 2015 Calendar for MGF is beginning to fill and will include events ranging from a 6 Tournament Boater Only Bass Fishing Circuit (waiting on approval on permits/dates), our Annual MGF/CASS Incorporated Outing, the MGF Big Cat Challenge, the Hutton Labor Day Catfish Tournament, a new Catfish Circuit (Dusk 2 Dawn) that will include a no entry Championship with at least $3,000.00 in Tournament Payouts, and possibly an Ice Fishing Tournament to kick off the year in January.  As you can see we’ll be busy and I hope you’ll find some time to join us at one or all our events!

Well that’s it for now.  I’m going back to the game.  I won’t be updating this site weekly, but when I do I’ll post a link on FaceBook.

I hope you all have a great holiday season, and I wish you success in your hunting endeavors!

Rob Welch

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