2015 Late Summer Review


What a year it’s been so far for Midwest Game Fish.  Since April we’ve hosted 4 Boater Only Bass Tournaments, 3 Dusk 2 Dawn Catfish Tournaments, our Annual Kid’s Bass Tournament and my favorite event of the year the MGF/CASS Fishing Day where we took almost 80 special friends fishing.

And while that sounds like a lot, we’ve still got three Dusk 2 Dawns, a Boater Only Bass Tournament, the Hutton Labor Day Catfish Tournament and the completion of the Big Cat Challenge between now and October 3rd.


We began our year with the Big Cat Challenge in April and involved a new weigh site at Polk City Bait & Tackle along with the familiar Family Center in Winterset.  Current big fish leaders (at time of this article) are James Love with a Flathead Catfish just under 46 pounds and Ryan “Skeeter” Gambrall with a Channel Catfish just over 18 pounds.  With spawn over expect to see some late season challengers before we end the contest on Labor Day Weekend.


The Boater Only series this year has seen exceptional growth in participation with an average of 19 boats per tournament, the highest of our tournament series.  This year we saw Scott Groff shatter the all time MGF one day 3 fish with a total weight of 18.72 pounds at Lake Icaria.  On the same day Rick Zimmerman shattered the all time MGF Boater Only Big fish with a toad that tipped the scales at 8.98 pounds (perhaps the largest bass ever weighed in at Lake Icaria).


New for 2015 was the MGF Dusk 2 Dawn Overnight Catfish series that saw 14 teams sign up for the full season of a 5 tournament series that will culminate with a 10 team championship in the fall at Lake Red Rock.  This series has enjoyed some serious sponsorship efforts from several individuals who want to see these tournaments become one of the premier local Iowa fishing circuits (see related Sponsor Page Highlight).  


Our 2015 Kid’s Bass Fishing event featured 16 teams of adults paired with kids for another fun day of fishing followed by hot dogs, drinks, trophies & drawing give aways.  Each year I’m glad to see adults taking the time to involve our youth in the outdoors and to give them a break from the electronic indoor world that hold far too many youth captive with computers and video games.  

And last but by far the most important part of my year is our event with our friends from CASS Incorporated and my close friends Sherry & Allen Kramer.  With approximately 30 volunteers including boaters, family and bank helpers along with several CASS staff members we were able to enrich some 80 plus lives with a day of fishing on Lake Anita which once again provided awesome fishing opportunities as most every participant was able to bring fish to the scales to enjoy a moment in the limelight. In the end the big fish was once again brought to the scales by the ladies once again flexing their muscle against the guys proving they are great fisherwomen.

Well that’s it for now.  As always I wish everyone success in their outdoor adventures and I hope to see you all on the water or in the field.  Until then, be sure to click the Facebook like and like our page to keep up with the most current happenings with Midwest Game Fish.

Rob Welch

"Last Cast- Plus One”

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