2016 - Another Busy Year

I should start off by saying Happy New Year and welcome to the new Midwest Game Fish Site.  I’ve decided this year to avoid the promise of keeping up with the site on a monthly basis and decided to make the website simply an informational portal for things like tournament information and important MGF dates.


Periodically I may pop in and change up the header or highlight something exciting or informational, but to be honest since I have a full time job already, and social media is such an instantaneous outlet, I think a presence with the website to have a source to download entries and check out dates should suffice.

So let’s get into the details of the 2016 calendar beginning with each of our two series as well as our three other very special events.

The 2016 MGF Boater Only Bass Series is undergoing a change with a 3 tournament series culminating in a special qualifying championship in September.  We will kick off our year at Little River in April, followed by Icaria in May, Brushy Creek in June with a championship tournament in September on Lake Anita .  This year’s series will be set up with with a 20 team 3 tournament point series with an upfront buy in that allows contestants to fish all three tournaments.  If we fill up with 20 teams, the circuit will be closed.  If we do not then we will take open entries for events, however only contestants signing up for full series will be eligible for the no entry championship which will pay out 25% of all the original entries.  To qualify for the championship you must be entered in all three tournaments no later than April 1st and either win one of the events or finish in the top half of all full series teams.  As in the past we will pay 3 places with an optional big fish. Entries are available right now and can be downloaded from the tournament section above.  


Next is our returning Dusk 2 Dawn Catfish series which will also have a similar tournament series with a championship for qualified teams in the fall.  Teams will fish this 7pm-7am night circuit beginning in April on 3-Mile, Icaria in May, Little River in June, Brushy Creek in July, Rock Creek in August followed by a no entry championship tournament on West Okoboji in September.  The one change to this series is it will not longer be an open event and only the teams that sign up for all events will be eligible to fish the series up to 20 teams.  With returning teams expected to take around 12 spots, that will leave room for another 8 teams or so to join.  If you’re wanting to do some night fishing you’ll want to move fast.  Entries will be available by early February.

The other three events include our MGF Kid’s Bass Tournament on Father’s day on Lake Icaria, our Labor Day MGF/Hutton Catfish Tournament and of course our MGF Cass County Fishing event at Lake Anita in June.  Information about all these events can found about in the menu.


That’s it for now. I hope everyone has a great 2016 and be sure to say hello if you see us on the water.  Also, as usual we will be at the Fisherman’s Swap Meet in February with information and to answer any questions.  I hope to see you soon.

Rob Welch 

"Last Cast- Plus One” 

© Midwest Game Fish 2016